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An entrepreneur, multilingual speaker, coach, confidence maker, & events professional.

Born and raised in Mexico, my upbringing was always full of color, creativity, and emotion. I started dancing classical ballet at five dreaming of gracing the stage with my movements and emotions.

My dreams came true, and after years of dancing professionally, I decided to chase other adventures. 


I began my public speaking journey in the early 2000s through competitions and speaking at my local radio station with new opportunities. 

The world was my canvas, and public speaking was just at the intersection between pink and the rest of the color pallet. 

Since then, I have been dedicated to empowering and elevating your brand with my voice to resonate and shine with boldness and impact.

Virtually real: SPEAK UP

In a world where virtual communication is becoming the norm, the ability to convey one's message in an impactful and assertive way has become even more critical than ever. I use color, creativity, and confidence to create impactful and assertive communication. 

I have presented and spoken at countless venues and for clients of all types, ranging from government institutions, exhibition and conference organizers, corporate enterprises, among others in Asia, Europe, and America. 


Get Inspired

With a background of 20 years in the entertainment industry, ten years as a speaker, and coach, I use my voice to tell your story and create a connection with the audience. 


Whether you need an on-stage or on-screen speaker, I will tell your story with pizzazz and enjoyment.

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